The “House 3” project Coy Yiontis Architects, located in a street of relatively intact heritage Balaclava in Australia, divides the house in an old part and a more modern. The separation is delimited by a large central courtyard and glazing.


The structure of the original building is revealed as a self-contained cottage. The exterior is lovingly restored to showcase its Victorian character . In this old part interior spaces were reconfigured to accommodate an office, a library, a living room and a guest room. The volume of the original structure was operated to create a space for grandiose life.

The new building consists of two floors. Built on the back of the property, facing the old house in the courtyard and pool, it is coated wood. Its form of inclined facets evolving in a subtle geometry that forms the envelope and influences the overall plan of the two buildings. On the ground floor of large windows offering dramatic views in every room.

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